1964 — H.G. Hill Jr.
1965 — Clifford Love Jr.
1966 — Edmund W. Turnley Sr.
1967 — Mark Bradford Jr.
1968 — Roupen M. Gulbenk
1969 — Harold U. Buchi
1970 — George H. Cate Jr.
1971 — Russell W. Brothers
1972 — James M. Hudgins M.D.
1973 — Robert L. Freeman
1974 — D. H. Vardell
1975 — Thomas E. Baldridge
1976 — Homer B. Gibbs Jr.
1977 — James M. Ward
1978 — Charles L. Cornelius Jr.
1979 — A. Battle Rodes
1979 — William C. Weaver Jr.
1980 — William Henderson
1981 — Sydney F. Keeble Jr.
1982 — J. P. Foster
1983 — W. Ridley Wills II
1984 — Walter Knestrick
1985 — Dortch Oldham
1986 — Jack Elisar
1987 — Robert L. Bibb Jr.
1988 — James L. Harper
1988 — William B. Wadlington M.D.
1989 — William Wilson
1990 — E.M. “Bert” Haywood
1991 — Nelson Andrews
1992 — Sandra Ford Fulton
1993 — William E. Turner Jr.
1996 — Margaret H. Maddox
1997 — H. Lee Barfield
1998 — John Ed Miller
1999 — Rebecca Thomas
2000 — Cal Turner Sr.
2001 — Senator Douglas Henry
2002 — James A. “Jimmy” Webb III
2003 — Anne E. Ragsdale
2004 — Florence Davis
2005 — Ron F. Knox Jr.
2006 — Jacquelyn Draughon Guthrie
2007 — Bill DeLoache
2008 — Cal Turner Jr.
2009 — Wood S. Caldwell
2010 — Rep. Brenda Gilmore
2011 — Frank F. Drowota III
2012 — George L. Yowell
2013 — Marty G. Dickens
2014 — Leilani S. Boulware
2015 — Bill Lee
2016 — Liz Wilson
2017 — R. Walter Hale III
2018 — Jimmy Granberry
2019 — David Wilds
2020 — John Gromos

2021 order of the red triangle


For 2021, the YMCA of Middle Tennessee is proud to present its highest volunteer honor—the Order of the Red Triangle—to Tony Wall, a long-time board member, volunteer, and leader with an exceptional heart for people.


Tony has been a YMCA of Middle Tennessee member for well over a decade. During the economic downturn of 2007-2008, he walked into the Franklin Y with the intention of cancelling his family’s membership. However, upon learning about an upcoming golf tournament whose proceeds would benefit his Franklin neighbors, Tony didn’t hesitate to enter a team.


Shortly thereafter, Tony—a man who always says “yes”—graciously accepted the invitation to serve on the board at the Franklin Y. He went on to join the Association Board and the Executive Committee as well as chair the Annual Giving Campaign and Diversity, Inclusion and Global (DIG) Committee. In each role, including his current role advancing the Y’s mission through strategic DIG planning, Tony listens first and seeks to understand all perspectives, making sure that everyone from fellow board members to YMCA staff to members feel valued, advocated for, and encouraged.


In addition to his dedicated service to the Y, Tony also finds time to head up IS/IT Business Operations for Nissan North America, frequent the golf course, and love on his beautiful family: wife Ivette, son Tony (“Tonito”), and twins Jade and Alex. He sees the world with a child-like wonder, and is “always on the go until he crashes,” as his wife Ivette describes. He’s also a Tennessee Volunteer through-and-through, cheering on the Vols every chance he gets.


Tony advocates fearlessly for the communities that the YMCA serves, leading with integrity and courage, and we’re grateful for his continued commitment to strengthening Middle Tennessee. Congratulations, Tony!



CEO, The Buntin Group

Nominated by:
Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center
"Jeffrey has helped us bring our "story" into clear focus and has also helped convey our impact to the multitude of groups and individuals that use the Joe C. Davis YMCA Center/Home of Camp Widjiwagan. His creativity and team-oriented collaboration style has lifted who we are as a center and how our staff and volunteers work together to tell our story to Middle Tennessee and beyond."

Home Loan Specialist,
Churchill Mortgage

Nominated by:
North Rutherford Family YMCA
"Jennifer has created waves of impact for North Rutherford since taking on the role of Volunteer Chair. Not only did she create fun energy to secure and surpass our board giving goal, she understands the YMCA's mission and spreads awareness in the community by making countless introductions. She is fully engaged in all areas of focus for the YMCA and we are thankful for her leadership."

Founder, GiveOne Foundation

Nominated by:
Northwest Family YMCA
"Amber has been extremely instrumental in collaborating, supporting and partnering with Northwest to provide resources and engagement to the community. As the founder of the GiveOne Foundation, she has created opportunities and connected college students to the mission of the Northwest Family YMCA through volunteerism."

Vanderbilt School of Nursing

Nominated by:
Margaret Maddox Family YMCA
"The Margaret Maddox Family Y is grateful to the Vanderbilt student nursing program, who provided free blood pressure screenings and COVID-19 vaccination shots to keep our community well."

Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies,
David Lipscomb University

Nominated by:
Sumner County Family YMCA
"During the pandemic, Casie has been an amazing, supportive Board Chair for our Y. She has helped to rally other board members while we were not meeting in-person and helped us raise the largest amount of sponsorships for our Frostbite 5K/10K race in Sumner Y history. Casie is always available when we need her help and is our biggest cheerleader and supporter. We are blessed to have her and her family at our Y."


Nominated by:
Christ Church YMCA
"Lauren is a CCY champion. During the holidays, she was instrumental in the collection of diapers for the Hispanic Family Foundation as well as collections of toiletries, socks, and blankets for a low-income senior assisted living home in South Nashville. Her involvement inspires other board members to do more."